Workers’ Compensation Settlement

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8th Oct 2015


Occupation: Construction Worker


Construction employee fell while setting trusses. He broke his fall by grabbing onto a gusset plate, lacerating his third and fourth finger on his left hand.


Employee was taken to the emergency room and to surgery. The wounds were debrided and sutured. After healing of the wound, employee underwent physical therapy.

Employer and Insurer paid approximately $21,000.00 in medical expenses for the employee. The employer has also paid approximately $5,600.00 in Temporary Total Disability (sick pay). Permanent Partial Disability was assessed of 35% of the left third finger and 35% of the left fourth finger; equivalent to a gross payment of $13,500.00 plus six weeks of disability for disfigurement.

Attorney fees: 25% of $13,500.00 plus payment of out of pocket expenses of $158.26.

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